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Premarital Counseling

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PREPARE/ENRICH is a customized couple assessment completed online that identifies a couple's strength and growth areas. It is one of the most widely used programs for premarital counseling and premarital education. It is also used for marriage counseling, marriage enrichment, and dating couples considering engagement. Based on a couple's assessment results, a trained facilitator provides 4-8 feedback sessions in which the facilitator helps the couple discuss and understand their results as they are taught proven relationship skills.

Over 3 Million Couples!

Over the last 30 years, the PREPARE/ENRICH relationship assessment has empowered and energized more than 3 million couples. We're the #1 relationship inventory and couples assessment tool.

What are the major goals of the PREPARE/ENRICH Program?

There are several goals of the PREPARE/ENRICH Program. In order to achieve these goals there are exercises designed to help couples improve their relationship skills. The program helps couples:

Explore strength and growth areas

Strengthen communication skills

Identify and manage major stressors

Resolve conflict using the Ten Step Model

Develop a more balanced relationship

Explore family of origin issues

Discuss financial planning and budgeting

Establish personal, couple and family goals

Understand and appreciate personality differences

What relationship areas are assessed by the Inventory?

12 Relationship Scales -- communication, conflict resolution, roles, sexuality, finances, spiritual beliefs and more

5 SCOPE Personality Scales

4 Couple and Family Scales -- based on the Circumplex Model

4 Relationship Dynamic Scales

30 Customized Scales

Is the PREPARE/ENRICH Program valid & reliable?

An important strength of the PREPARE/ENRICH Inventory is their strong psychometric properties. High levels of reliability and validity have been found for each instrument, making them valuable tools for research as well as clinical use.

National Norms based on over 500,000 couples

High Levels of Validity and Reliability

PREPARE has validity in that it discriminates premarital couples that get divorced from those that are happily married with about 80-85% accuracy. Reliability is high (alpha reliability of .80 - .85). 


For more information about research with the PREPARE/ENRICH Inventory, view Research Articles.


The inventory has been utilized by over 100,000 trained clergy members, professional counselors, mentors, and marriage educators throughout the U.S. 


Over 3 million couples have taken a PREPARE/ENRICH inventory and worked through their results under the guidance of one of our trained facilitators.


 Fees for these sessions may be covered through Blue Cross Blue Shield, Preferred One, or all MA Insurances may cover these sessions.

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